Obstacles and Finished Floors!!

Before getting to the next part of our build, I’m sure some of you have wondered how we manage with building our house as a couple, with very little knowledge in construction.  I will admit, we have had a few instances in the first month or so that led to small fights.  For example, we would pick up something like a subfloor box and I would go one way and she would go the other and it would just turn into a huge ordeal.  We would both get a bit frustrated and need to walk away for a minute and take a breather.  We quickly realized that this project would take a lot of patience and clear communication was key.  Now we say, “What are we doing?”, “How?”, and then we do the task at hand.  We also watch videos and research how others are doing these steps before making our plans for that day.  We try to get a clear understanding of what exactly we are doing and why each step is so important.  Just remember, no matter how much you prepare, mistakes will still be made.  Its a learning process.


Today we would try to complete the floors.  We had to come up with a plan to get the most out of each piece of wood, keeping it as structurally sound as possible as well.  The OSB Boards  came 4ft x 8ft.  Having a total width of 8″2 ft, we wanted to make sure we kept the smaller pieces down the center of the trailer.  By doing that, it seemed to give us the most reliable structure for the floors.  We started by cutting the boards in half; length wise, giving us 4ft x 4ft squares. We laid the front of the trailer with the tongue facing the back.  As we lined the pieces up, we noticed some small imperfections in the boards.  They seemed to stick out slightly over the trailer when squared up.  We tried a few different pieces together and each seemed the same, so we did the best we could lining them up.  We decided we would just trim off any over hang.  With the trailer being squared, we figured that was the best bet.

Then we marked all of our studs with chalk lines, so we could go back and secure all of our subfloor boards down.  As we were finishing up the floors, it was incredible to be able to actually walk on our floors.  We sat down in what would be our living room amazed by what we had accomplished and eager to do more.  As much as we wanted to keep going, it had been a long HOT day and we felt good walking away with the project completed.  Next weekend we would be starting to frame the walls!!

IMG_3744 IMG_3745

Until next time,

Andria and Richelle

Tiny House Girls

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