Begining building and it’s challenges

Our first weekend of building was a major step. We were very ambitious as we made our first trip to home depot. We had already laid out a plan and knew exactly how many 2×4’s we needed to build the subfloor boxes, plus an extra few just in case. We picked up our first roll of flashing, screws and nails. This was the first of many purchases. Our first trip cost us around $100 (we will be adding a detailed list of materials and expenses soon).

We made our way out to Guyton and got to work. We began to measure everything and get the miter saw set up. As we cut and measured the first and second piece, we realized that we were slightly short. I quickly came to the conclusion that each board needed to be cut from the same side. This may seem like common sense, but we will admit that we are learning as we go. Although we had used tools before, never to this caliber. We began making strides and getting the hang of it all and were extremely happy with the progress we made.

After working all day in the Georgia heat (the heat index was 110), we completed all four subfloor boxes. Our plan for the next day was to return to start adding flashing to the boxes before attaching them to the trailer.

IMG_3605 IMG_3604

Until next time<

Andria and Richelle


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