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Now that we had the trailer here in Savannah, it was time to get to work. We realized quickly that Southern Pine would not have enough space inside for us to build and building on the street might attract the wrong attention. After some back and forth, it became clear that if we wanted to start building, we would need to go ahead and move the trailer out to Guyton, Ga. Richelle’s family has 5 acres and a spacious work shed, originally that had been our plan. the problem is, it’s 45 minutes away which makes it harder to do daily projects. After finalizing everything we are happy we ended up doing it this way. we can work whenever we want, we get to bring our Great Dane Charlie and as an added bonus we get to spend some quality time with Lee Ann. We loaded up the trailer and our tools and made the last move with the trailer until it is officially a THOW:)

Charlie loves it out here!
Charlie loves it out here!

Until next time,

Andria and Richelle


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