Our Faith in Humanity RESTORED!!!

This project has already led us to some pretty amazing people and I feel as though we have not even begun. We continue to be proactive in reaching the final goal and more and more people are becoming interested. I think our passion and tenacity is easily seen by the people we come in contact with. Maybe they feel inspiration in what we are trying to accomplish and the way we are doing it. We have by no means taken the easy road here, but we never really have. Maybe through our story they see what we have already overcome and know we will continue to overcome any obstacle thrown our way. Whatever it may be, we are certainly grateful.

A great example of this is through a very kind man named Thom Griffin. As i stepped outside the other morning, I was greeted with the sound of lumber being cut. I peeked my head around the corner and indeed I was right. A work van with lettering that wrote “All Shades: Custom Paint & Decorating Services”, was parked just two houses down. I proceeded to walk over and introduce myself and ask if by chance they had any scraps I could have. They asked what I needed them for and I told them about our plans and building a tiny house. They were replacing siding and told me I was welcome to whatever was left over at the end of the day. When I walked over later that evening, I grabbed a shark tooth and a paracord keychain we make for our Etsy shop, TwoGirlsandaBoat. I handed them to Thom and he was so happy. He said he had some scrap lumber he would bring over for us the next day and that he wanted to put the shark tooth on a necklace. I told him I would make a deal with him, if he brought me some scrap wood, I would put the tooth on a necklace for him. It seemed as though it was the barter system in place and we both walked away happy.

The next morning, Thom walked up with a porcelain bathroom sink for us and said he had a truck full of wood for our tiny house dreams. it took me 4-5 loads back and forth to get all of it. Some of it was treated, some counter pieces, some 2×4’s and all of it useful to us in some way. Thom also said he had some windows and tile if we had use for it. He also said he would start saving anything he thought would be useful to us. It seems another conversation has led us to another relationship.

Although we continue to make leaps and bounds with building materials, we are still only slowly making our way towards the money we need to purchase our trailer. Since we live on a fixed income, saving money has always been hard and it is a big motivation for going tiny in the first place. On top of setting up at our local flea market every weekend, we have started a fundraiser. Wondering how you could help us get closer to our building stage? You can purchase some of our shark teeth and jewelery off of our Etsy shop @ http://www.etsy.com/shop/TwoGirlsandaBoat or donate something through our GoFundMe @ http://www.gofund.me/nni02w

Thanks for following our journey,


4 thoughts on “Our Faith in Humanity RESTORED!!!

  1. Your energy and focus on your projecthas been wonderful! I love that your enthusiasm has generated a flow of responses, also. Hope to hear more from you about this home dream, although I surely know how busy life can get at times like this.

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    1. Thank you so very much for your nice comments. We apologize we have been Mia lately, but promise we will be back at it in no time! One small update- we finally have our trailer and we will begin our build THIS weekend! We will be documenting each step along with blogging our experiences. We hope to keep you intrigued. Xo


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