Deconstruction and Tiny House

Since our last blog, we have had a lot of developments. Our meeting with Ramsey Khalidi, President of Southern Pine Company, went better than we had hoped. His company believes in preservation of our history through the salvage of antique old-growth woods. For 25 years, they have been reclaiming, preserving, restoring and supplying vintage old growth wood for renovation and construction. Southern Pine Company grew from the dreams of Ramsey, of preserving the irreplaceable treasures of Savannah, Georgia’s historic district. He has offered us not only a warehouse to build in, but also their knowledge and expertise they have gained through working with reclaimed materials. we spoke about projects he has done with shipping containers and his interest in tiny spaces. It’s crazy to think a phone call about “dumpster diving” has led us to such an amazing contact. I’m overly excited to see what this new relationship will become as we start to build. Not to mention what pieces of Savannah we will be able to incorporate in our THOW.

Through the list of phone calls I made that day, I was also led to Mark Fitzpatrick. He is the Vice President of a company called Emergent Structures. It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the land-filling of building materials through innovative re-purposing projects. They facilitate collaborations between architects, developers, engineers, contractors, property owners and municipal governments in order to replace short-sighted demolition practices with sustainable deconstruction and re-use strategies. We got a call back from Mark and he is extremely interested in our project and has started to help spread the word about what we are trying to accomplish. He has also asked if we would be interested in doing a presentation for the board he sits on. We have started working on a power point and hope to be able to spark even more interest in the Tiny House Movement.

Although we have been very lucky so far, we have also had our fair share of people who “don’t get it”, for lack of a better term. The key is that we have not let that slow us down one bit. We continue to be on the lookout for new construction sites to approach. For example, we were at a wedding shower this past Saturday and the development is expanding by the day. We saw 6-8 dumpsters with freshly piled wood and proceeded to load our SUV up with as much as we could fit. we brought it all home and returned the next day for another load. It is beginning to look like a lumber yard in our living room, but while we are waiting for our trailer, we are keeping busy. We spend our down time reading and doing research, because knowledge is a very important tool for this venture. You can never have too much knowledge.

P.S. Make sure to look for Tinyhousegirls and our business TwoGirlsandaBoat on social media:)

Until next time,


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