Today was a big day!!

Today was a pretty big day for Tinyhousegirls. Andria and I have had our minds set on being as green as possible when it comes to our tiny house. This most definitely applies to the building process of our new home. We have been back and forth to different Habitat for Humanity Restores to get ideas of thing we can get to not only be green, but also to save as much money as possible. But today, Andria decided it was time to hit the streets. She began by hitting some local construction sites in hopes that she would have the opportunity to “dumpster dive” through their scraps. Not only were all the site willing to offer up things they were also pretty interested in our plans….our dreams. Andria’s haul included lots of scrap wood, flooring (which may vary well take care of most of the house) and was even handed a half of a roll of house wrap. This was a huge win in my eyes, but it didn’t stop there.

Andria decided to continue in her endeavour of being proactive and called multiple local construction companies in our area. her hopes were to find out where they may have sites where she would be allowed to get scraps. She spoke to one company who told her immediately that they never have scraps, and unrealistic as that may seem, she took it in stride and continued on. She then spoke with a very kind, helpful and intrigued man who is the owner of the company, and very much interested in what we have planned. He was so interested, that he asked if Andria wanted to meet in the morning to talk more about it. He also told her that he would like to help out with some things. not quite sure what that means, but we are grateful for anything, including the knowledge they have. (We will def update on how the meeting goes.)

She then spoke with the Vice President of a very unique company that was right up our alley. He mentioned to her that he was so glad that he had received the call and that they were “kindled spirits”. They talked fora bit and he said he would love it if we would come do a presentation for the board. And of course she said we would love too.

It seems sort of unbelievable that we could possibly get so lucky to come in contact with folks that seem just as excited about the tiny house movement and our dreams as much as we are. We aren’t what you would call “lucky people”. But it gives me so much hope knowing that when you are so passionate about something, it is hard for others to not feel the same.



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