Our first blog post!

Hi, my name is Andria. My partner Richelle and myself have decided to transition to tiny living with the company our Great Dane and two weiner dogs. Here is a little back story to help you understand why and get to know us a bit. Four years ago we took a leap and moved from Florida, our home for most of our lives, to Savannah, Georgia. Richelle was offered a job at the law firm her sister was employed with. She would be making double the pay then at any job she had been able to secure in Port Saint Lucie’s crumbling economy. She had been laid off four months prior and was doing odds and ends to keep our heads above water, including babysitting and working at the local skating rink. I had gotten really sick the year prior between my neurogenic bladder and the beginning stages of kidney failure. I was fighting tooth and nail to get approved for disability, but had already been denied twice. When we sat down and talked about moving, I don’t either one of us hesitated one bit. Besides leaving our friends and my family behind, we knew in order to grow, we needed to jump. It turned out to be one of the best things we had ever decided to do up till that point. We were able to get on our feet a bit, and Richelle was able to have a secure job that she enjoyed. I was able to get an attorney and finally won my case for disability.  It gave me the insurance i needed to get the care i had not been able to receive. We met some great people who introduced us to fossil hunting. We enjoyed walking on the beach and finding shark teeth, vertebrae and so much more. In no time, we had saved up enough money to buy our own small boat and spend every free minute we had on the water. We opened an Etsy shop and started using things we would find in resin coasters or jewelry. Even selling some of our nice finds as is. We set up at our local flea market and have found so much joy in our new hobby.

Then a few months ago, on our way out to enjoy our Saturday morning we saw this tiny house being towed by a truck. It was like another spark went off in us, and it was all we could think about. Imagining the adventure and freedom would send us into daydreams constantly. We started doing some research and reading what people living tiny were doing and how they were doing it. The more we read, the more we felt that it was the perfect life for us. We have looked at all the angles and have decided to take the leap. But it doesn’t feel like a leap at all really. It just seems to make all the sense in the world. Maybe it’s because we see how hard our parents have worked, not enjoying life much, just to lose it all or most of it when the economy crashed. Maybe it’s because we want to enjoy our life while we can. Maybe because we are willing to give up our material things to live a life free of a grey cubicle. We as a generation seem to live the life we want through social media and our electronics. We have all been in a room with friends and instead of interacting with each other, our heads are down with our face in our phone. When did that replacement take place? We want to see the world with our own eyes. We want our own adventure. So here we are in the planning stages of our THOW (Tiny House on Wheels). We have decided on a 8 x 24 ft utility trailer, and will be building ourselves and “with a little help from our friends.” Our hope is to be done with the build and ready to live in it by the time our lease is up in one year. We will then spend the next few months saving up as much as possible for our upcoming adventures. Please follow us along through the entire process and see what goes into this project. We will be keeping track of everything spent and how we did it. Now we are off to purchase our trailer.



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